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Google registry adds .ing

by on01 November 2023

.ing going to end well

Google Registry has added domains ending in ".ing" -- "a situation ask/ing for trouble."

Google Registry -- which is different from Google Domains, the service Google is off to SquareSpace -- tries to push the boundaries of domain names by options like ".dev," ".app," and ".meme" .

After first announced in August, Google Registry is officially registration of .ing domains through partner companies like GoDaddy and 101Domain. The new domain is meant to inspire a sense of action, as exemplified by the first wave of companies new domain names such as the travel outfit and the Isis fundraising site (we made the last one up).

If you want a .ing domain of your own, you can do so from the official ".ing" site, but you'll be an extra one-time fee the Early Access Period, which runs until December 5, 2023, with fees [I am .ing gags] on a "daily schedule." during "Phase 1" will set you back over $1 million while "Phase 9" drops to $144.99.

Last modified on 01 November 2023
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