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Sierra Forest will have 40 per cent better performance per watt

by on30 August 2023

Intel says what's watt

Intel says its upcoming "Sierra Forest" data center chip due out next year will have 240 per cent better performance per watt than its current generation chip.

It's the first time the company has disclosed such figures and it appears to have avoided what it is comparing its performance with -- rival or older chips, or badgers or other small mammals.

The company is for the first time splitting its data center centre into two categories: A "Granite Rapids" chip that will focus on performance but consume more power, and the more efficient "Sierra Forest" chip.

Intel senior fellow Ronak Singhal said the company's customers can consolidate older software onto a smaller number of computers inside a data centre.

"I may have things that are four or five, six years old. I can get power savings by moving something that's currently on five, 10 or 15 different servers into a single" new chip, Singhal said.

"That density drives their total cost of ownership. The higher the density, the fewer systems they need."


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