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Robotaxis are the latest place to have sex

by on14 August 2023

Drivers  never interrupt

San Franciso’s robotic taxis are becoming a place for couples to have sex according to the the San Francisco Standard.

Autonomous vehicles have become increasingly popular in San Francisco and some users have worked out that with no front-seat driver or chaperone to discourage them they can do anything they like.

The Standard has spoken to four separate Cruise car riders who said they've had sex or hooked up in the driverless vehicles in San Francisco over recent months and have provided ride receipts.

The Standard could not find anyone who would admit to having sex in a Waymo.

Currently, there is nothing illegal about this, even in a country founded by a bunch of puritans who were kicked out of the UK for telling other people that they were immoral. The rules and regulations surrounding robotaxis are murky, largely because the industry is so new.

What these users have not figured out yet is that robotaxi companies currently use pretty extensive camera surveillance inside and outside of their cars, so that users antics are recorded. We assume they are not played at the office Christmas party.

Last modified on 14 August 2023
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