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Chrome 115 rolls out with anti-cookie tools

by on21 July 2023

No other new features

Chrome 115 has been rolling out, and while it is short on new features, it has something to kill off tracking cookies.

In a blog post, Google announced it would enable Privacy Sandbox APIs in the next few days. Those APIs would roll out to a small percentage of users with Chrome 115 installed and would gradually ramp up as time passed.

Google has been planning to get rid of cookies since it bought out its Privacy Sandbox in 2019. The privacy feature isn’t meant to stop advertisers from targeting audiences, but it is designed to limit the personal data to which those advertisers access. In May 2023, Google revealed how it planned to ship Privacy Sandbox, stating that the process would begin in late July 2023.

Privacy Sandbox will initially be enabled for 35 per cent of Chrome 115 users, starting the week of July 24. The Mountain View-based organisation will slowly bring to 60 per cent by the start of August. And the company expects to get to 99 per cent by mid-August, with the Privacy Sandbox Relevance and Measurement origin trial ending on September 20, 2023.

Chrome should automatically update to Chrome 115.


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