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Louisiana lawmakers ban children from social media

by on09 June 2023

Kids will need a parent’s permission to create accounts

Out-of-touch Louisiana lawmakers have passed a bill prohibiting minors from creating social media accounts without parental consent.

The bill, HB61 bans "interactive computer services" from allowing people under 18 to sign up for their accounts without parental consent. The bill's definition of online services is so broad that you can land a 777 on it, barring minors from creating social media accounts on sites like Instagram, popular online games like Roblox and Fortnite, or even registering for an email address.

The bill also allows parents to cancel the terms of service contracts their children entered when signing up for existing accounts.

The ban would go into effect on August 1st next year.

But this “think of the children” legislation has not been well thought out. Not only does it violate First Amendment rights, but it requires massive data collection on Louisiana citizens for enforcement.

Ironically children in Louisiana can own a rifle or shotgun (provided they don’t buy it themselves) which shows you the sense of priorities they have in Louisiana. 


Last modified on 09 June 2023
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