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Win32 apps sent to isolation

by on25 May 2023

Playing with sandcastles In Windows 11 sandbox

At its Build 2023 conference this week, Microsoft announced Windows 11 will run Win32 apps in isolation mode soon.

Vole is launching a preview of Win32 apps in isolation for Windows 11 customers. it will allow users to run Win32 apps in an isolated environment so that they can be sandboxed from the rest of the operating system to strengthen security further.

The big idea is to use Windows 11's isolation capabilities to run Win32 apps in an environment where they don't have access to critical Windows components and subsystems.

This will ensure that if someone runs a compromised Win32 app in isolation, it will be tough for an attacker to break through the sandbox and penetrate the rest of the system. This capability will be available in public preview for enterprise customers and consumers.


Last modified on 25 May 2023
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