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Google might replace third party cookies

by on19 May 2023

Don’t get your hopes up

Google's Privacy Sandbox aims to replace third-party cookies with a more privacy-conscious approach, allowing users to manage their interests and grouping them into cohorts based on similar browsing patterns.

While that is a huge change for Google and its online advertising industry, we would not get our hopes up.

The plan starts in early 2024, when Google plans to migrate a whopping one per cent of Chrome users to Privacy Sandbox and disable their third-party cookies.

Google's plan to completely deprecate third-party cookies in the second half of 2024 remains on track.

In addition, with the launch of the Chrome 115 release in July, Google is making Privacy Sandbox's relevance and measurement APIs generally available to all Chrome users, making it easy for developers to test these APIs with live traffic.

Google doesn't plan to make any significant changes to the API after this release and deprecating third-party cookies for a per cent of Chrome users doesn't sound like it will do much, but according to Google's Victor Wong, who leads product for Private Advertising Technology within Privacy Sandbox its big news.

He said it will help developers assess their real-world readiness for the more extensive changes in late 2024. Developers can simulate their third-party cookie deprecation readiness starting in Q4 2023, when they'll test their solutions by moving a configurable percentage of their users to Privacy Sandbox.


Last modified on 19 May 2023
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