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Intel will work with Arm

by on13 April 2023

Intel chip could be back in your mobile

Chipzilla said its chip contract manufacturing division will work with UK-based chip designer Arm to ensure that mobile phone chips and other products that use its technology can be made in Intel's factories.

Intel's turnaround strategy mainly hinges on opening up its factories to other chip companies, particularly those making mobile phones.

It has said firms such as Qualcomm are planning to use its factories for future chip designs.

Intel's chief executive Pat [kicking] Gelsinger said that there was growing demand for computing power driven by the digitisation of everything, but until now customers have had limited options for designing around the most advanced mobile technology.

Chipzilla’s announcement said that Intel Foundry Services (IFS) has partnered with Arm to build low-power compute SoCs on the Intel 18A process. The Intel 18A process is a plan to introduce five increasingly advanced semiconductor manufacturing process technologies in five years. Developing chips using this process will have plants in the US and EU manufacturing chips.

The partnership will first focus on mobile SoC designs, but could eventually expand into automotive, Internet of Things (IoT), data centre, aerospace, and government applications.

The goal of IFS is to become the second-largest foundry in the world by revenue. Currently, Samsung is number two, behind TSMC. So IFS would have to knock Samsung down a rung to achieve its plan. But this will require Intel to work with several large companies, not just Arm.


Last modified on 13 April 2023
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