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Ukraine war production stalled by cat videos

by on29 March 2023

TikTok data centre stealing the power

Norwegian company arms company Nammo has complained that it can’t expand its production of artillery shells to support Ukraine because of "cat videos" on TikTok.

To make an EU investigation disappear, TikTok is opening two data centres in Europe to house European user data locally. However, one of them is in the Hamar region of Norway which means there is no excess capacity for the arms factory to ramp up the production of artillery shells.

Elvia, the local energy provider, confirmed to the Financial Times that the electricity network had no spare capacity after allocating it to the data centre on a first-come, first-served basis. Additional capacity would take time to become available."

Nammo CEO Morten Brandtzaeg told the Financial Times: “We are concerned because we see the storage of cat videos challenges our future growth.”

It makes for an odd 21st-century anti-war motto “make cat videos, not war.” It is also strange that Tsar Putin might not be able to get his soldiers to stop Ukraine lobbing shells at them, but videos of cats knocking things off shelves can.


Last modified on 29 March 2023
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