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China shows off indigenous interconnected interface for chiplet

by on24 March 2023

The quest for independence should buy the US a few years

China has come up with an indigenous interconnected interface for chiplet to counter US actions to protect its chip industry.

For those not in the know, the US has been leaning on Western countries to avoid buying Chinese gear or selling high tech components to the Middle Kingdom. This has forced China to come up with its own ideas.

According to Chinese media Cailianshe, China Chiplet League, collaborating with China-based system integrators, IP providers, and packaging, testing, and assembling manufacturers, unveiled China's indigenous Chiplet Interconnect Interface Standard - ACC 1.0 (Advanced Cost-driven Chiplet Interface 1.0), aiming to coordinate Chinese suppliers in the packaging, testing, and assembly industry, and IC substrate manufacturers to achieve cost-control and business feasibility.

According to a statement from China-based Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Core Technology, the semiconductor ecosystem in China is still in the developmental stage and may remain in the catch-up phase for a while yet.

The statement added China-based suppliers from upstream to downstream have to collaborate to establish an ecosystem, with downstream demands driving upstream investments to achieve economies of scale in mass production.

The China Chiplet League was founded in September 2020, when the US imposed export ban against China-based SMIC.


Last modified on 24 March 2023
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