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Firefox gets integrated email mask

by on17 March 2023

Firefox Relay

Big Cheeses at the Mozzarella Foundation announced that Firefox Relay, its version of email masking, will become integrated into its browser.

Firefox Relay is a privacy feature that allows you to hide your email IDs when filling out online forms. With the help of aliases, Firefox relay screens all the messages for you and forwards them to your original inbox. So, when signing up for a service, you are practically handing out the fake email to the website, making sure they cannot distribute it or spam it unnecessarily. When you are done with a website and want to stop incoming emails from them, you can simply drop the alias

Launched in 2020, Relay has only been accessible so far through a browser add-on where most aren’t aware they can easily block email tracking and spam.

With an email mask in use, you can shield your true address, making a hacker’s attempts to take over that account much harder. And if you have unlimited masks and create a new one for each site and app, malicious actors can’t easily take info from data breaches and apply it widely across the web.

Mozilla says Relay will become available to all Firefox users directly in-browser later this year.


Last modified on 17 March 2023
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