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ChatGPT gave out a journalist's phone number

by on20 February 2023

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ChatGPT inexplicably gave out a journalist's phone number after a user asked it if it was possible to use the tool on the messaging app Signal.

FT writer Dave Lee shared a screenshot on Twitter of another ChatGPT user conversation with the bot which somehow wound up using his phone number.

Lee wrote on Twitter: "Someone asked ChatGPT if it had a Signal... and it gave him *MY NUMBER*."

In the screenshot, the bot is asked if it also works with Signal. In response, the bot confirms that this is possible by listing a number of steps the user needs to take to begin integrating the two apps.

The app gave out a seemingly random phone number which just so happened to belong to Lee.

Lee said that the company behind ChatGPT had apologised and what is creepy is that no one has been able to recreate it.

Lee said he'd asked it previously about whether it would be available on any messenger apps, and then the "cool, Signal?" was a follow-up to that.

"I can't for the life of me think why my number would get caught up in that context."


Last modified on 20 February 2023
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