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Nvidia finally comments on 16-pin adapter meltdowns

by on14 November 2022

In a "waiting for Godot" sort of way

After a couple of weeks of ignoring stories about 16-pin adapter meltdowns on the GeForce RTX 4090 Nvidia’s PR team has finally answered one of the reporters who asked them what was going on.

Nvidia has been largely ignoring stories about 16-pin adapter getting a little too hot by saying it was “investigating” the problem.

Now the company, which is named after a Roman pizza made from truffle flavoured potatoes, provided KitGuru with an update, well sort of.

The chipmaker reported that it is still investigating the 16-pin power adapter failures and doesn’t have any new details to disclose.

“NVIDIA and our partners are committed to supporting our customers and ensuring an expedited RMA process for them,” stated Nvidia to KitGuru.

We are not sure what Nvidia has to investigate. The first GeForce RTX 4090 incidents were reported weeks ago, and it is evident that the cards are not possessed by some evil spirit that requires a complex exorcism after an application to the Vatican. There have been numerous reports of GeForce RTX 4090 owners experiencing 16-pin power adapter melting on the inside and, worse, taking the graphics card’s power connector with it.

One theory suggests the 16-pin power adapter is primarily at fault, with evidence by Igor’s Lab that the power adapter supplied by Nvidia was poorly engineered and is subject to failure if the wires are bent.

Gamers Nexus thinks that some 16-pin power adapters use under-specced 150V cables instead of 300V cables. Igor was using a 150V power adapter version while Gamers Nexus tested a 300V version and could not replicate any of the same failures Igor found in his testing, concluding that the 150V power adapters are at fault only.

Corsair’s Jon Gerow blames the victims for not plugging the connector in all the way. He noted that the 16-pin plug can be difficult to insert into the 16-pin power connector on GeForce RTX 4090 GPUs. Gerow stresses that the connector must be plugged in completely, with no gaps between the plug and the connector, to prevent the 16-pin from melting.


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