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Bible appears on Steam

by on08 November 2022

Packed full of adult content 

A developer has put the first voiced version of The Bible on Steam.

For those who don't have much time for such things, the Bible is a collection of laws, and folk tales proported to have been written by a God who in the first season spends a lot of time genociding populations who don't cut off their foreskins to impress him. In the second part this god is reinvented as another insecure entity which offers eternal life to those who follow him but, in a nod to the God of the previous season, plans to eternally torture those who don't love him.

As a book, it was a best seller before electronic formats and did rather well in the US where it is the most shoplifted book.  

Bible Games are releasing a full-voiced version of the good book on 14 November, complete with trivia quizzes to check your biblical knowledge. We don't know if these are the questions we would like to ask such as "what was the name of the person that God killed for masterbating?" Or "how many children did god kill for mocking his prophets baldness?" 

Essentially, this release is just the text from the Bible, packaged together with an audiobook of the Old and New Testaments as a “kinetic novel”. The developers are warning that there will not be any major miracles with this version other than it being ready by Christmas, which is apparently a religious feast for those who accept the Bible at face value.

The developer said that he knocked up the text because he was finding it difficult to read physical books. He is promising to make the project free if they can use their earnings to hire translators to adapt it into more languages.

It will join some other Biblically themed games on Steam. There is already a third-person melee combat game based on Exodus was released in 2020. There’s also been a point and click adventure where you play Jesus,


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