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Internet Society wants a solar system wide network

by on20 September 2022

Cabling might be an issue

The Internet Society’s Interplanetary Networking Special Interest Group (IPNSIG) has called for the development of “a common, interoperable, autonomous and scalable routing framework within the Solar System Internet.”

Apparently, humanity's current method of routing data through space is not that good and at a meeting of the body’s Architecture and Governance Working Group the group decided that a common interplanetary network architecture.

The network will have to populate forwarding tables or routing tables without human intervention and depart from the Earth-centric management scheme and be as fully automous as possible.

There should be a function enabling the bundle protocol agent to access a forwarding table API that answers the question: “where should I send this bundle and with what CLA/address?”, similar to ARP lookup Interoperability. There should be a common standard method of intra-regional routing, adopting methods that suit the needs of a specific environment or a mission.

Then there would be Node IDs, Addressing Schemes, and segmenting concepts need to be further explored to accommodate the scale of the SSI

The IPNSIG has already developed a technology called “Delay-Tolerant Networking” (DTN) that addresses the issue of latency but we doubt it has come up with a way of handling porn in space yet or if it can expand past Uranius. 


Last modified on 20 September 2022
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