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Panasonic creates robotic farting cat

by on15 July 2022

Who needs a sex robot when you can get this pricey pussy?

Panasonic robotic experts have released the latest in robotics -- a cat which farts.

Nicobo — Panasonic's very own companion robot, it does not do much other than wag its tail, turn around, blink its little eyes, and talk a bit. Like many cats, it farts at random. 

Hidden on the inside, however, are some pretty advanced features. Using built-in microphones and cameras, Nicobo can recognise your face and voice as well as turn towards you. And, with touch sensors, it knows when you're stroking or hugging it.

It also has the advantage of not sharpening its claws on the furniture or require feeding every five minutes. 

 Panasonic only plans on making 320 units for around $360 each and the company plans to raise $95,000 through crowdfunding first.

 After six months you'll have to shell out about $10 a month to connect it to your smartphone and to also receive software updates.



Last modified on 15 July 2022
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