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Microsoft kills off Excel features

by on31 May 2022

No one used them

Software King of the World Microsoft has killed off some of the functions in its Excel spreadsheet because no one was using them.

Vole said that it is ending support for three features from June 2023. These capabilities are available to Microsoft 365 customers, so only subscribers of the service are affected.

The first discontinued Excel product in line is Money. This is a dynamic template that enables users to securely connect to their bank's data and sync information directly.

It will no longer update your transactions after June 30, 2023 and users cannot reconnect your existing financial account or connect to a new one. Vole has recommended people to use other premium budget templates available in Excel or migrate to Tiller. Tiller offers more functionalities than Money in Excel but has an additional fee of $79/year too.

Wolfram Data Types have also been cut out. Vole announced a partnership with Wolfram a few years ago but has now decided that it doesn't want to renew it. Refreshes for existing Data Types and connections to new ones will stop working from June 11, 2023. Existing data won't be removed, it just won't be connected to the Wolfram service.

Lastly, Microsoft is removing partner offers because the company wants to explore other areas where it can add more value to customers.

Vole has not said why it is discontinuing all three of these products but hinted that the services were under used.


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