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Hackers infiltrate US power grid

by on09 April 2009


Supposedly Russian and Chinese spies

The US
government has conceded that the nation's power grin is susceptible to online attacks, following media reports that it had been breached by hackers.

The Wall Street Journal claims Russian and Chinese spies are behind the incursion, and claims the unwanted visitors left behind software which could be used to deactivate the grid and dim the skylines of US cities, completely.

"The vulnerability is something we have known about for years," said US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. "We acknowledge that... in this world, in an increasingly cyber world, these are increasing risks."

However, Ms Napolitano did not confirm WSJ's report of a breach, but she did say security experts were not surprised by the claims. Security watchers claim SCADA equipment used to control vital infrastructure is vulnerable, as it has not kept pace with recent technological developments.

Moreover, they warn that if the claims of Russian and Chinese involvement are correct, they could be just an effort to expose weaknesses in the systems. Obviously, if Russian and Chinese hackers can do it, then so can others, in retaliation over US foreign policy, or just because the hot blond in class turned them down for the prom.

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