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Hackers steal 3TB of private video

by on20 October 2020

Nicked from 50,000 private IP-based cameras

A hacking group has nicked more than 3TB of private video from around the world — mainly collected from Singapore — and shared it on porn sites.

While some of the footage was porn, other videos are more mundane and it appears that the hack was based on poor security on more than 50,000 private IP-based cameras.

Some were explicitly tagged with locations in Singapore, The New Paper reports, while others revealed their location as Singapore based on context clues such as book titles and home layout. Many show people (sometimes with their faces censored) in "various stages of undress or compromising positions...."

Clement Lee, a solutions architect for multinational software company Check Point Software Technologies, told The New Paper that the hacking of IP cameras is often due to "poor password management". IP cameras make it easy to access your video feeds from anywhere — which means it's also easy for hackers to access them from anywhere, once they've figured out your password.

Internet-connected devices are susceptible to hacking at the best of times and if you have users who don't change passwords apparently they end up on porn sites.

Last modified on 20 October 2020
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