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Robot baristas take over following coronavirus

by on26 May 2020

I for one welcome our cappucino delivering overlords

Robots could help people observe social distancing in public by taking jobs from humans.

Lee Dong-bae, director of research at Vision Semicon, a smart factory solution provider has developed the barista robot which can safely work during an distancing campaign.

The robot needs no input from people from order to delivery, it's polite, does not mess up your order and lacks the alarming off-putting acne of human baristas.

The system, which uses a coffee-making robotic arm and a serving robot, can make 60 different types of coffee and serves the drinks to customers at their seats. It can also communicate and transmit data to other devices and contains self-driving technology to calculate the best routes around the cafe.

An order of six drinks, processed through a kiosk, took just seven minutes. The only human employee at the two-storey cafe was a patissier who also has some cleaning duties and refills ingredients.

The manufacturer and the scientific institute aim to supply at least 30 cafes with robots this year.


Last modified on 26 May 2020
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