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China ramps up its backend IC

by on06 April 2020

Needs to be free of western influence

The moves by the US to shut down Chinese manufacturing of high tech gear appear to have resulted in a self-sufficiency push which should put the fear of Chiyou in the hearts of western chipmakers.

Digitimes reports that China is expanding its semiconductor equipment self-sufficiency, with homegrown makers stepping up development of wet process and high-end back-end packaging equipment to serve domestic foundry and backend houses.

China's phase-2 National IC Industry Investment Fund (Big Fund) will not only continue financing development of semiconductor etching, membrane, testing, and cleaning equipment by homegrown makers, but also strengthen investments in developing advanced lithography and chemical mechanical planarisation equipment, which have been mainly sourced from US suppliers, the sources said.

China's leading semiconductor equipment maker ACM Research is keenly venturing its products into the advanced wafer-level packaging segment, with its clients including the country's largest OSAT Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology (JCET) and biggest memory maker Yangtze Memory Technologies (YMTC).

ACM has rolled out an ultra SFP (stress-free polish) application tool for advanced packaging solutions, with the tool mainly designed to address yield issues arising from through-silicon via (TSV) processes and fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP). The technology can integrate CMP and wet-etch chambers into a single system.

ACM's first ultra SFP equipment, already delivered to a leading Chinese wafer-level packaging service provider in the fourth quarter of 2019, is now being verified on the client's R&D line, with the validation set to be completed in mid-2020.


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