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Intel sues former engineer claiming he nicked its tech

by on03 December 2018

Claims former Vice President was going to pass 3D XPoint memory details to Micron

Chipzilla has sued a former hardware engineer and VP 3D XPoint memory claiming that he nicked confidential chip blueprints to pass 3D XPoint memory details to Micron.

Intel said that Doyle Rivers "secretly" accepted a position at Micron, and had a crack at taking private trade and personnel data with him as he left. Intel alleged that a few days before leaving, "Rivers tried to access and copy a 'top secret' designated Intel file that Intel's electronic security system blocked from being copied".

Chipzilla said the document was related to what it was at pains to say is its "independent" work to productise the 3D XPoint tech into its Optane product line.

No one outside Intel, "including Micron" had been privy to such data, the complaint alleged. Intel's security system stopped the file from escaping, but according to the complaint, that did not stop Rivers from allegedly hoovering up a selection of personnel files into a USB device plugged into his computer.

Intel claimed that Rivers "aggressively" recruited his former colleagues to join him in Micron's green and pleasant land.

Intel demanded that Rivers return the USB drive, but he apparently "never responded" to them. Instead, "he handed the USB device over to his new employer". A forensic investigator later discovered that it had been wiped.

Intel is now demanding "a neutral forensic investigator" be allowed to take a look at Rivers' PC to see what was on there, and when exactly the USB stick was erased. There's a deadline of November 16 for Rivers to agree to Intel's rigorous probing.

Last modified on 03 December 2018
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