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Seasonic adjusts US prices due to new trade tariffs

by on06 November 2018

Anywhere between $5 and $20

Seasonic has announced the new US price list for power supply units which comes as a result of the recent trade war between China and the US.

While we are looking at a price rise of $5, $10, and $20 depending on the model, it is still not a great news, especially if you were looking to get a good PSU deal during the Christmas season. Seasonic is just one of the companies that will be hit by the trade war and it is good to see that the company is at least transparent and straightforward regarding the reason for the price increase.

The new price list will be effective as of the 1st of December and all orders placed prior to this date should follow current pricing.

Seasonic also noted that the company will follow the situation and make necessary adjustments accordingly.

You can check out the updated price list below.

seasonic pricelist 1

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