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Microsoft wants developers for its quantum reality

by on24 July 2018

Bring your own potentially dead and alive cats

Software king of the world Microsoft has launched the open-source Quantum Katas on GitHub.

For those who came in late the project is deigned to teach Q# programming for free and will help Microsoft recruit more developers.

"For those who want to explore quantum computing and learn the Q# programming language at their own pace, we have created the Quantum Katas -- an open-source project containing a series of programming exercises that provide immediate feedback as you progress", said The Microsoft Quantum Team. "Coding katas are great tools for learning a programming language. They rely on several simple learning principles: active learning, incremental complexity growth, and feedback."

The team added: "The Microsoft Quantum Katas are a series of self-paced tutorials aimed at teaching elements of quantum computing and Q# programming at the same time. Each kata offers a sequence of tasks on a certain quantum computing topic, progressing from simple to challenging. Each task requires you to fill in some code; the first task might require just one line, and the last one might require a sizable fragment of code. A testing framework validates your solutions, providing real-time feedback." You can view the project on GitHub.

Last modified on 24 July 2018
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