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Hackers down security cameras

by on08 May 2018

You probably weren't expecting this

In the days before the internet of things (IoT) you could be pretty much assured that your toaster, your fridge, your car and your washing machine were just going to break down and you'd have to call an engineer to fix them.

But we live in 2018 so it was with some alarm – but no surprise at all – that our contacts in Japan tell us of a major hack of security cameras in Japan.

And, by the way, we remember when fingerprint scanners came in in the 1990s, the Yakuzi were perfectly capable of lopping off your fingers to access your bank account(s) if the gangsters thought it was worth the effort.

Still, things aren't as bad as they were then but, according to the Japan Times, Canon security cameras were disabled by hackers, targeting essential services like water supplies and other facilities.

Canon said the acknowledged problem was because the owners of the security cameras hadn't changed their passwords.

The message the hacker left was ironic, as you can read here.  

We look forward to the day when every motor car has its own IP address. [They already have several, Ed.]

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