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Theranos developed its own hate game

by on23 April 2018

You get to shoot financial reporters

High Tech lemon Theranos, which was once worth $9 billion developed a computer game which gave its employees a chance to shoot the financial journalists which eventually bought the company to its knees.

Theranos was backed by big names like former Secretary of State George Shultz and the venture capitalist Tim Draper. Its CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, appeared on panels with important people like former President Bill Clinton and Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma.

For those who came in late, Theranos promised to revolutionise blood testing by allowing people to get tests from places like Walgreens that required only a drop of blood.

It sounds like a great idea, the only downside was that the technology didn't work.

When stories written by financial journalists told the great unwashed that the technology did not work, Theranos decided that it was better to develop a computer game which enabled staff to shoot the financial journalists. After all that was much easier than getting the technology to work.

The game was based on space invaders and can’t have taken long to work out. To be fair it worked, which was more than could be said for the blood testing equipment.

One of its central targets of hate was John Carreyrou wrote a series of revealing stories about the startup starting in 2015.

Employees were encouraged to chant "F--- you, Carreyrou!" at an all-hands meeting and all this ended up with the computer game. A video confirms Carreyrou's tweets last week about the video game’s existance. A screenshot he included showed that it was titled "Haters Gonna Hate v1.5."

The video indicates that people played the game a lot — just look at the lengthy high score.

Carreyrou does not care about all that. He got his paws on the game and most of the stories and forged them into a book about the company called 'Bad Blood' which comes out next month.


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