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Star Trek’s Federation will still use Windows XP

by on05 October 2017

Coders have a look at Discovery code

Star Trek fans with HD have been looking at the code used in the new Star Trek: Discovery show and found that the Federation’s latest starship appears to be using Windows XP.

The third episode of Star Trek: Discovery aired this week, and at one point in the episode, Sonequa Martin-Green’s Michael Burnham is told to reconcile two suites of code by Lieutenant Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp).

Twitter user Rob Graham noted that the code itself was Windows XP based code. So that means that in the year 2256, Starfleet’s latest state-of-the-art science vessel still runs Windows.

Burnham claims the code is confusing because it deals with quantum astrophysics, biochemistry, and gene expression. Now we might not have been bought up on Vulcan but she seems to have missed a more important thing in the code. This is because it is Stuxnet, the code penned by US and Israeli intelligence to melt down the Iranian nuclear power programme.  Why on earth the Federation would need that on their machines is anyone's guess. 

On the plus side, there is no sign that iOS is around anywhere, so at least that atrocity has been locked in the pre-Cochrane days of humanity’s barbarian past, where stupid was considered a target market.


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