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Brace yourself, 8K is coming

by on04 September 2017

Because everyone who is anyone already has a 4K machine

Now that everyone has a 4K telly, Sharp thinks that everyone will want a nice new 8k TV.

Don’t get us wrong, we love our 4K TV but really we can't see what 8K can offer that we could actually see. Nevertheless, Sharp has revealed what we could be missing out on as the next big thing.

It is a 70-inch Aquos 8K TV. This has 16 times more resolution than Full HD (1920 x 1080) TV and Sharp calls it "ultimate reality, with ultra-fine details even the naked eye cannot capture".

In other words it could not see the difference either even if it has that many pixels. It might be good if you are using it as a monitor, but who wants a 70 inch monitor?

Fortunately, Sharp's new 8K set is compatible with Dolby Vision HDR and BDA-HDR (for Blu-ray players). The lack of available 8K HDR content is also a problem, the content industry has not really got the swing of 4K yet, and don't talk about streaming.

The TV will be rolling out to China and Japan later this year, and then Taiwan in February 2018. Sharp is repurposing its 70-inch 8K TV as an 8K monitor (model LV-70X500E) for Europe, which will be on sale in March.

No mention of price either.

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