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UK adult websites face £250,000 fines

by on17 July 2017

Protect the kiddies

UK websites without age-verification software may have to pay an eye-watering fine or be banned altogether.

And those with the software will have to check visitors' credit card details so as to confirm their ages.

The Government will also announce plans to appoint a regulator that will police the adult websites.

The claim is that it is vital to protect children from exposure to adult content is incredibly important, so the British Board of Film Classification – which sets age limits on films – will have to look at each site.

That is right, the UK government thinks it is possible to look at every adult website in the world.

The new government powers will apply to both free and paid-for adult websites, as well as websites that are hosted abroad. Obviously sites hosted abroad cannot be fined, but the UK will just put them on its banned list.

Digital Minister Matt Hancock said: "We are taking the next step to put in place the legal requirement for websites with adult content.

"All this means that while we can enjoy the freedom of the web, the UK will have the most robust internet child protection measures of any country in the world."
Will Gardner, chief executive of internet safety charity Childnet International, said it was an "essential" measure to protect youngsters on the Internet.

"Protecting children from exposure, including accidental exposure, to adult content is incredibly important, given the effect it can have," he said.

"Steps like this to help restrict access, alongside the provision of free parental controls and education, are key. It is essential to help."

Of course if you don’t have children, you are honour bound to limit your lifestyle protect those children you don’t have from terrible parents who never see your computer anyway.

Last modified on 17 July 2017
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