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Free wi-fi can be a menace

by on10 July 2017

Don't view porn in public

Norton said that 59 percent of Americans think that when they use public wi-fi it's safe as houses but it most certainly isn't.

In a report, Norton said as many as two thirds of people act unsafely when they're online and don't hang around before logging in to any old router.

Its report surveyed over 15,000 people in 15 countries around the world, but America seems to be the most vulnerable.

And 73 percent of Americans don't use a virtual private network to log in.

It's unsafe to log into any old public wi-fi but the report shows an astonishing 22 percent view porn on public wi-fi. And of this percentage, an astounding 45 percent do so at work, and 46 percent have done so in a cafe or a restaurant.

An amazing 92 percent of Americans use public wi-fi to check their bank accounts.

Norton's advice is to use security software, use HTTPS enable sites, and contemplate whether it's a good idea to share photographs or financial information when you're logged into a public wi-fi network.

Last modified on 10 July 2017
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