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Logitech unveils the Powerplay mouse pad

by on13 June 2017

A wireless charging mousepad

There is not much innovation in the gaming peripherals market but that does not mean that there is no room for innovation, just as Logitech showed with its new Powerplay, a mousepad that doubles-up as a wireless charging pad for a compatible mouse.

While Corsair had a similar idea that was showcased at Computex, with only a place on the mousepad that charges the mouse, Logitech took it a step further with its Powerplay. The Logitech G Powerplay is a 275x320x43mm mouse pad that actually charges compatible gaming mice with an attached Powercore module, a small module which attaches magnetically to the bottom of compatible wireless gaming mice. While this is a pretty straightforward idea, Logitech says that it has been working on it for about four years as it is quite hard to create a large enough energy field to charge the mouse while moving. 

Currently, the Powercore module is compatible with the new Logitech G903 and G703 wireless gaming mice - which are updated versions of the G900 and G403 - but we are sure that Logitech G will come up with a few other gaming mice in near future.

According to Logitech, the Powerplay base creates an energy field above its surface which allows the mouse to be charged while in motion and delivers wireless power without interfering with the precise measurement and data transmission of a high-performance gaming mouse.

The Powerplay actually has two layers, the charging surface, which is 2mm thick and either a cloth or hard pad surface, both of which are included in the bundle and easily changeable.

The edge and the control module have RGB LEDs, which can be set to match the rest of the system with Logitech Gaming Software. The control module at the top of the mouse pad, which is 10mm thick, has an integrated Lightspeed wireless receiver as well as a USB port for connection.

Currently, the Logitech G Powerplay mouse pad is available for pre-order with a price set at US $99.99 and should be available in August, while both the updated G703 and G903 should be available later this month for US $99.99 and US $149.99, respectively.

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