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Chinese to create own Wikipedia

by on02 May 2017

We just don’t trust the fake-penis experts  to tell the truth

The Chinese government is going to create its own Wikipedia because it does not trust the fake-penis, phoney doctors, and kids with chips on their shoulders, and Daily Tech readers to edit a reliable encyclopaedia.

To be fair to Wackypedia, we suspect the Chinese also want to make sure that their version fits into their version of history and does not mention the Tiananmen square massacre. However, we are certain that a sane encyclopaedia which was not edited by the arse end of creation would mention Fudzilla.

The Chinese government is recruiting 20,000 people to create an online encyclopaedia that will be the country's own, China-centric version of Wikipedia, or as one official put it, like "a Great Wall of culture".

Known as the "Chinese Encyclopaedia," the country's national encyclopaedia will go online for the first time in 2018, and the government has employed tens of thousands of scholars from universities and research institutes who will contribute articles in more than 100 disciplines.

The result will be a knowledge base with more than 300,000 entries, each of which will be about 1,000 words long.

Yang Muzhi, the editor-in-chief of the project and the chairman of the Book and Periodicals Distribution Association of China, said the Chinese Encyclopaedia was not a book, but a Great Wall of culture.

China was under pressure from the international community to produce an encyclopedia that will "guide and lead the public and society," he claimed.

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