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UK scanning the faces of football fans

by on27 April 2017

Looking for thugs

It what is a little scary for the concept of privacy, UK coppers are scanning the faces of football fans who are turning up at the UEFA Champions League on 3 June.

It is the first attempt to build a mugshot data base of people who may not have committed any crime other than supporting a culture where over paid twats are considered gods for kicking a ball into a net.

The mugshots will be compared them to a police database of some 500,000 "persons of interest". According to a government tender issued by South Wales Police, the system will be deployed during the day of the game in  Cardiff's main train station, as well as in and around the Principality Stadium situated in the heart of Cardiff's central retail district.

The fans will not have to stand in front of a camera to be scanned. Most of them will be filmed coming into Cardiff or just happen to be in the city centre on match day.

Captured images will then be compared in real time to 500,000 custody images stored in the police information and records management system alerting police to any "persons of interest".

The Automated Facial Recognition (AFR) technology was tested by the London's Metropolitan Police during 2016's Notting Hill Carnival.

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