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Former Microsoft boffin redeems himself with life hack

by on24 January 2017

Might even cause forgiveness for trolling

Former Microsoft chief technology officer Nathan Myhrvold might have hacked off a few people with his patent trollage over the years, but he seems to have come up with a life hack which is of vital interest to Fudzilla readers.

Myhrvold has found that just a few grains can balance the flavour of cheap and nasty wines and make them taste much better.

He said he first tried out the method at a dinner party. Sat next to Gina Gallo of E. & J. Gallo Winery at the time, he says that she wished her glass of Cabernet was a little more savoury rather than fruity – so he added a pinch of salt.

And it apparently worked so well that ‘pretty soon everyone at the table was doing this’. Given the gut rot that many of us drink, this life hack is probably worth a go. It means that both our liver and our hearts will back in early but at least we will have had a better life.

Myhrvold has developed a name for himself as a scientific cook and his writings on this subject are interesting. However he has somewhat blotted his copybook by being involved with an outfit called Intellectual Ventures which controls nearly 40,000 intellectual assets (patents and patents pending) that it has used to extract approximately $2 billion in the form of license fees. Still anyone who can improve a cheap Italian bottle of gut-rot with a few grains of salt has gone a long way towards redemption.

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