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Brits are nervous about driverless cars

by on16 November 2016

Safety first

A survey showed the majority of people in the UK are cautious about driverless and electric cars.

Over two thirds of the people canvassed by Northern Connectors were worried about safety while 49 percent believe driverless cars would not have a code of ethics to make decisions on the road. And 50 percent were worried about who would take the responsibility if there was a car crash.

And it’s not just drivers who worry about driverless and electric cars - pedestrians have fears too.

Northern Connectors sells connectors and components to different industries including car manufacturing.

Its general manager, Scott Jones, said: “Our findings show that while significant strides are being made to bring both driverless and electric cars to the wider market, many people are fearful about the unknown.”

It’s not just safety that bothers British people. In the case of electrical cars, 77 perent are concerned about recharging with 66 percent believing recharging would take too long. The same percentage were worried about the juice running out while they were driving.

Last modified on 16 November 2016
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