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Google claims it’s as pure as snow

by on03 November 2016

Antitrust? On your bike, EU!

Search giant Google said today it denied charges brought by the European Union that it has committed a really mortal sin called behaving in an antitrust manner.

The EU alleges that Google gets its own wicked way by blocking competitors and unfairly promoting its own shopping and services.

The case, according to Reuters, has been dragging on for six years when Microsoft, playing the part of a pot calling a kettle black, complained about Google’s behaviour.

Since then, EU officials have added several more sins to the charge sheet, including fresh allegations this year.

If the EU antitrust authorities find against Google, they have the power to impose swingeing fines.

But Google top lawyer Kent Walker said that his company was innocent of all such charges, and was only prompted by the needs of people who use its services.

Walker also dragged Amazon, Facebook and Pinterest into the case.

Last modified on 03 November 2016
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