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NSA no longer needs to bring down Wikileaks

by on27 October 2016

Assange is doing that for us

A top former NSA spook has said that the organization no longer needs to work to kick over Wikileaks, the organization is doing the job for it.

Former deputy director of the US National Security Agency (NSA), John C Inglis said that Wikileaks had gone from being a threat and was now so "internally confused" that "natural forces" may soon wipe it out.

Talking to the IBTimesInglis said the current path the organisation was on was sowing the seeds of its own destruction by leaking material which has the potential to influence the upcoming US presidential election.

Being short of the whistleblowing leaks which made it famous Assange's is complicit in a Russian-led plot to influence the elections which resulted in the US Secretary of State John Kerry having a word with the government of Ecuador, which is hosting Assange under political asylum,

Inglis said that when Ecuador shuts down Assange’s internet access it was saying we are no longer comfortable with what you do.

Inglis never agreed with what Wikileaks was doing in the first place, but now it has become somewhat internally confused.

“I'm not sure we need to kick that house over. Maybe in the fullness of time, natural forces will cause it to deteriorate and not be as interesting or as influential as it once was."

Inglis, who served at the NSA for 28 years, said all governments should tread carefully in any prosecution of the group and that they "need to make sure they don't become part of the problem.If what you decry is a lack of principal or inappropriate behaviour on the part of some entity – maybe it's WikiLeaks – you can't in responding to that commit the same sin."

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