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Samsung will not rush out Galaxy 8

by on25 October 2016

Therein lies the path to more recall madness

Samsung is not going to rush out its Galaxy 8 to fill the void left by the Note7 recall.

There had been some rumous flying that Samsung would release the Galaxy 8 early so that the embarrassing death of the Note 7 did not damage its bottom line too much.

However, the company has said that will introduce Galaxy S8 at ‘MWC 2017’, which is held at in Barcelona, Spain at the end of February, as it normally does. It will release Galaxy S8 in South Korea and other countries sequentially starting from middle of March.

A company source told the Electronic Times that even before it released Galaxy Note 7, Samsung had made its plans to announce Galaxy S8. Pushing a release date forward all of sudden is something that is realistically impossible.

Samsung Electronics is using the time to investigate the causes of ignition of Galaxy Note 7 and recovering its trust.

It is also going to add a Blue Coral model to Galaxy S7 Edge to replace demands for premium smartphones.

According to mobile network industries, Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral model will come out with 32GB and 64GB and will be released in South Korea on the 4 November.

Its store price for 32GB will be $813.55 and 64GB will be $852.29. Only 32GB storage will be available in Singapore and will be released on the 5 November.

“Although we planned to release Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral model to global markets at the same time if possible, schedule for release dates of each country has changed due to current situation of supplies.” said Samsung Electronics.

Last modified on 25 October 2016
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