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Facebook announces PayPal integration in Messenger

by on25 October 2016

192 million PayPal users can pay using messaging app

Facebook has announced that PayPal will become one of the payment options within its Messenger service.

Last spring, the company introduced a way for users to add payment information into the messaging app to send peer-to-peer payments to friends and contacts. This is a move similar to those by PayPal’s own app, along with its Venmo app, Square, Google, and Snapchat, among others.

As of the third quarter, PayPal has more than 192 million accounts active worldwide, while Facebook’s Messenger service is currently used by a billion users. Some reports claim that 40 percent of US mobile users are now on the company’s messaging platform.

PayPal will be integrated with Messenger only in the US for now, though it could be particularly useful in developing countries that rely on mobile transactions as well. The company has yet to comment on timeframes for international availability.

Facebook has partnered with PayPal in the past as a payment method for merchants to buy Facebook ads, along with integration within the Oculus store and with Uber’s integration into Messenger. The company says that Messenger integration is now beginning to roll out in the US and should allow customers to access their PayPal transactions and receipts from within the app.

Last modified on 25 October 2016
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