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Samsung's high-end ArtPC cylindrical desktop PC spotted

by on11 October 2016

Sporting Core i5/i7 CPU, NVMe SSD and 360-degree audio

While Samsung's smartphone division is probably in scrambles now that Galaxy Note 7 had its nemesis, Samsung's PC division is working on a high-end desktop PC system with a cylindrical design that has been spotted for pre-order on Amazon. It's the Samsung ArtPC.

It appears that cylindrical desktop PCs are the next big thing, which is quite ironic for Samsung considering that the trend was started by Apple with its Mac Pro system back in 2013 and recently revived by MSI with its Vortex gaming PC.

Samsung has not been making desktop PCs for quite some time and there were even rumors back in 2013 that it would abandon the "unprofitable desktop PC business" but it also launched some curved AiOs in 2014. Now it appears that the company thinks there is some room for high-end designer class desktop PCs on the market and that is where the new Samsung ArtPC comes in.

Spotted on an Amazon pre-order listing by a couple of sites, including, the Samsung ArtPC is a compact premium desktop PC with a cylindrical shape which also includes an integrated Harman/Kardon omni-directional speaker with an ambient light ring just below it.

When it comes to specifications, the details are still vague since these are just pre-order listings, but there are currently two SKUs available, the ArtPC Pulse Desktop DP700C6A-A01US and the ArtPC Pulse Desktop DP700C6A-X01US.

The first one, priced at US $1,599.99, comes with Intel's Core i7 Skylake CPU, probably AMD Radeon RX 460 graphics, 16GB or RAM, 256GB NVMe SSD and a 1TB module HDD (which is probably hot-swappable).

The cheaper US $1,199.99 priced SKU packs a Core i5 Skylake CPU, AMD Radeon RX 460 graphics card, 8GB of RAM and same 256GB NVME SSD but also lacks the 1TB HDD module.

The rest of the known specifications include a couple of USB 3.0 ports, DisplayPort and HDMI output, ethernet port and SD card slot. It will also be interesting to see how these "expansion modules" will work as there could be more to it than just storage expansion.

Hopefully, Samsung will soon officially announce the new ArtPC desktop system and we will get more details but until then we can just guess about it.

samsung artpc 1

samsung artpc 2

samsung artpc 3


Last modified on 11 October 2016
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