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AMD’s cash cow is being milked

by on01 August 2016

Opinion It’s on some kind of a roll - bacon roll, sausage roll?

It takes a lot of money to make and sell microprocessors  - it always has done and it probably always will, but it seems to some that Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is burning an awful lot of that rare commodity.

That’s according to analysts at Kasteel Research which believes that AMD’s liquidity is deteriorating and it’s burning cash “like a high roller billionaire” - whatever that is.

Nevertheless, looking at the position as objectively as possible, AMD has several irons in its fire including one that will challenge Intel at the high end, just like the old Opteron days.

AMD, according to Kasteel, got an injection of $351 million from its JV with Nantong Fujitsu so it’s got about one billion in the bank. High roller billionaires typically have several billions to play with when they’re partying like it’s 1999.

It seems to need a billion dollars a quarter if it’s playing its cards right on the green baize.

Analysts at Kasteel describe AMD as “burning cash machine” and has a serious cash flow problem - compared to Netflix - which is, of course, a completely different kettle of fish.

To be fair to Kasteel, it does admit it is going to short AMD in the next two or three days.

As an outsider limey, I believe that this is what is called playing the stock market, and it’s a dangerous game and a different sort of gamble to the roll of the dice, to poker, or to playing billiards [what they?] for money.

Let's face it, as the snap from AMD's website shows, Dr Lisa Su knows that the only way her company will fare well is to take risks.  And although AMD has always been the underdog to the Great Chipzilla, it's good for any corporation to have competition.

Otherwise we'd all be eating the same highly processed but probably extremely nutritive food, init?

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