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Nvidia announces ultra high-resolution screenshot capture utility

by on08 May 2016

Captures in-game screenshots at gigapixel resolutions with HDR

During its Geforce Pascal introduction on Friday, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang introduced Ansel, the “world’s first in-game camera system” that enables two-dimensional and three-dimensional screenshot capturing up to 32 times higher than in-game resolution – from megapixels to gigapixels with a completely adjustable field-of-view (FoV), among other features.

nvidia ansel user interface 700px

Nvidia Ansel user interface (Larger image here)

The software, named after American photographer and environmentalist Ansel Adams, will now allow gamers to capture in-game screenshots from infinite camera angles along with post-processing filters including High Dynamic Range (HDR) and traditional filters including “film grain,” “black and white,” sepia” and “hue shift.” The software also allows capturing screenshots in full 360-degree stereoscopic formats.

“Ansel is a revolutionary new way to capture in-game shots and view in 360. Compose your screenshots from any position, adjust them with post-process filters, capture HDR images in high-fidelity formats, and share them in 360 degrees using your mobile phone, PC, or VR headset.”

4K (8.3-megapixel) screenshots can now be saved in 8.3 gigapixel format

Once an in-game shot is framed and positioned by the user, it can then be saved in ultra-high gigapixel resolution by selecting the “High Resolution” option. This conveniently allows users to save images up to 1,000 times their current display resolution. With a 4K monitor (8.29 megapixels), for instance, an in-game screenshot can now be saved at a stunning 8.29 gigapixel resolution.

Duncan Harris, James Pollock , Leonardo Sang, Joshua Taylor and many other notable new media artists have created some galleries over the past few years with screenshots ranging from Street Fighter V, Mirror’s Edge, Gears of War, Star Wars Battlefront, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Tom Clancy’s The Division, RAGE and Fallout 4. Some of their featured work has taken emphasis on landscapes, portraiture, action sequences and other stylistic elements found in environmentally diverse in-game situations.

nvidia ansel super resolution

“Capture your shot in super resolution for the most detailed images and perfect edges. Capture up to an 8-Gigapixel image, or 32 times your game resolution.”

Ansel is also fully compatible with OpenEXR, a high dynamic range file format developed by Industrial Light and Magic for computer imaging applications.

“Show your creativity, your humor, your sense of style, and maybe even become the next professional game photographer, wowing the world with stunningly composed screenshots worthy of display in an art gallery and on enthusiasts’ walls,” NVIDIA writes. “Anything’s possible with Ansel, and it will all be available for GeForce GTX gamers.”

Nvidia has also launched an Ansel 360-degree image gallery featuring seven spherical 3D in-game screenshots that actually seem quite impressive. The company claims these dynamic screen captures can also be viewed on a VR headset and the images are compatible with any WebGL-enabled web browser.

The screen capturing software will initially be supported on a majority of midrange to high-end Nvidia Kepler, Maxwell and Pascal GPUs, beginning with Geforce GTX 650 all the way up to Geforce GTX 1080.

Available soon, compatible with a number of “top games”

ansel goming to games soon

The company claims that in-game support for the Ansel image capturing utility is “coming soon” and will include titles such as The Witcher 3, No Man’s Sky, Tom Clancy’s The Division, The Witness and the Unreal Tournament series, among others.

Below are a few in-game creative pieces from some featured galleries by the aforementioned screenshot artists:

duncan harris the witcher 3 rockfall 700px

“Rockfall” from The Witcher 3 by Duncan Harris (Larger image here)

adr1ft walkabout series 029 duncan harris 700px

ADR1FT Walkabout Series 029 by Duncan Harris (Larger image here)

star wars battlefront pew pew by leonardo sang 700px

Star Wars Battlefront – “Pew Pew” by Leonardo Sang (Larger image here)

skyrim screenshot by james pollock 700px

Skyrim night screenshot by James Pollock (Larger image here)

leonardo sang corvega assembly plant fallout 4 700px

Corvega assembly plant in Fallout 4 by Leonardo Sang (Larger image here)

rage faces of the apocalypse by joshua taylor 700px

RAGE Faces of the Apocalypse by Joshua Taylor (Larger image here)

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