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Dell announces 30-inch 4K/UHD OLED monitor at CES 2016

by on08 January 2016

Dell Ultrasharp UP3017Q can run on USB Type-C alone

Dell has announced a rather impressive but also quite expensive new 30-inch 4K/UHD OLED monitor at CES 2016 show in Las Vegas, the Dell Ultrasharp UP3701Q.

Based on a 30-inch 3840x2160 4K/UHD OLED panel, the new Dell UP3017Q is said to be able to reproduce 1.07 billion colors and covers both 100% Adobe RGB color space as well as a 97.8% of DCI-P3 color space. Since it is an OLED panel, the rest of the specifications include a 0.1ms response time and 400,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. 

The connectivity options include a mini DisplayPort, an HDMI and a USB Type-C port, which can also be used to power a monitor.

Dell had to deal with some of the well known drawbacks of OLED technology, include a so called burn down which happens over time as well as a color shift, so the solution was a sensor which detects if someone is actually sitting in front of it and switches off the screen as well as a some sort of pixel-shifting technology.

Equipping a monitor with a 30-inch OLED panel still comes with a hefty price so Dell's new UltraSharp UP3017Q will sell for US $4,999 price tag when it launches on March 31.


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