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Apple’s Quasimodo case mocked

by on09 December 2015

Hunchback of Notre-Damn ugly

Frequently believed to be gods by Apple fanboys, the outfit’s design team might have slipped a bit when it came to the outfit’s latest official case.

The world wide wibble has been filled with much mock after Jobs Mob released a new $99 (£79) iPhone case, ironically called the Smart Battery Case.

The case houses a battery that can give up to 25 hours of usage which is a good thing, but the design of the case closely resembles the iPhone from the front, but includes a "hump" on the back that houses the larger battery.

Apple has a design ethos, which is carved in stone tablets, or the iPad as it is known which says “if you can’t make it thinner don’t make it.” However this case not only makes the iPhone fatter it also gives it a hunchback of the sort normally seen swinging from Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Even the Tame Apple Press could not resist a dig. Alex Hern, the technology editor for The Guardian was gravely insulted saying that Apple's values contradict the design of the Smart Battery Case.

"Why not make the f------ iPhone two millimetres thicker in the first place?" he wrote. "'Here at Apple, we sweat the details. That’s why our newest phone requires a $99 tumour to last from 7am to 11pm,'" he continued, mocking Apple's promotional videos.

Poor Hern he clearly believes that Apple’s values are anything more than being about screwing users for extra cash.This way is a method for Apple to sting you for a extra $100 for a spec which you should have got in the first place but were too dumb to buy something without an Apple logo on it.

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Last modified on 10 December 2015
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