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Vevo launches updated video app

by on13 November 2015

Reply to Google's YouTube Music video app 

Music video content outfit Vevo has launched an updated application that will get the video music content  closer to Millennial users.

The new app has an Instagram touch and feel and is touch screen friendlier.

The app is more intuitive and you can achieve everything by just flipping through the list of musicians. At launch date, the updated app is available for iOS and an upgraded version for Android will probably happen soon.

Erik Huggers, President and CEO, Vevo said:

“Today we take the first step in repositioning Vevo around a best-in-class mobile video experience for music. Music videos represent one of the world’s most popular platforms for storytelling. Our new mobile application will allow videos to be seen and heard in the way that artists intended and that our audiences will love.”

Huggers and his VP of communications Jon Carvill have been building On Cue for Intel which is the platform that ended up sold to Verizon.


Verizon launched it as Go90 just a few weeks ago. Now they are preparing to get a lot of attention to its own video music platform.

The new refreshed and reinvented application is easy to use. We had a play with it at the company’s headquarters in New York Times Square.

Users choose their favorite music by flipping through suggestions. The application includes videos of the authors and bands, some additional content including videos and interviews.

Users can set the notification for the new content from the favorite author once it become available.

It is no coincidence that Google launched its You Tube music service that will also play music videos from the authors. Unlike Vevo, Google wants $10 a month for its services. Vevo offers the content for free with a 30 second inserted commercial that will play before the video.

If you are more on the vintage side like the author and you do know about bands like Megadeth and Black Sabbath, you probably still prefer keyboard to a touch screen.

You won’t be too crazy about the Instragram looking and flipping interface as typing the name of the favorite performer or a band seems faster than flipping through content and waiting for your favorite band to show.

Vevo on the other hand is after millennial (aged 16 to 34) audience that understand the digital era and loves to flip.

Vivo’s reinvented app might be the MTV for the Millennial generation. We see one huge advantage that Viveo has over YouTube. Vevo has high quality video content. YouTube can be hit and miss when it comes to quality.

The official videos will be fine but googling and searching for videos might get you to a video of your favorite band that is recorded at a concert, shaky or with horrible audio and video quality. This won’t happen with Vevo.

It is important to mention that the Vevo video music streaming app supports both Air play as well as Chromecast and your videos will cast on your TV too.

Last modified on 13 November 2015
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