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Narcissistic photo editing apps kill traditional skills

by on29 October 2015

Most people doctor their snaps

Apps like Instagram are killing traditional photo editing skills, according to new research.

The Photoion Photography School found that so many people are using photo editing apps that it is fast becoming unthinkable to send an undoctored picture out there

More than 68 per cent of adults will no longer share their images without editing them - however the majority of these (58%) only use iOS and Android apps which make a pig’s ear of the job.

The survey quizzed Brits on the motives for editing images, and found nearly all of them who do use editing tools or apps, do so before uploading images to social media sites including Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

More than 87 per cent said that pre-set filters are the number one function that they rely on to improve their images, with apps such as Camera + and VSCO Cam.

Despite huge complaints about fashion magazines doctoring photos, women are the worst offenders when it comes to retouching their own photos. More than 72 percent admit to always editing images before releasing them publicly.

However the statistics reveal a general decline in the standards of photo-editing. Ion Paciu, founder and tutor at Photoion Photography School, said that traditional photo editing is a form of art that is rapidly dying out due to the rise of apps.

“I do think the development of smart phones and devices is fantastic, as they allow everyone to capture images on the go and to an extent edit pictures, however there is no substitute for quality, detailed photo editing and apps like Instagram will never replace this,” he said.

“To a beginner, traditional photo editing programmes can be incomprehensible but it is much more straightforward than you think and traditional photo editing makes a significant difference to images.”

Apparently people from Brighton and Hove are more likely to edit their pictures, followed closely by Manchester with 74 per cent and Glasgow with 63 per cent.  It is an odd mix.  Brighton is clearly the most fashion conscious while Manchester and Glasgow are towns most likely to need to stick lipstick on a pig.

Last modified on 29 October 2015
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