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Windows 10 take-up drops dramatically

by on01 October 2015

Too good to be true

Latest figures show that Windows 10's meteoric growth has finally been checked, according to NetmarketShare.

The figures for August, the first full month of availability for the new OS, Windows 10 went from 0.39 percent to 5.21 percent share, jumping over Windows 8 (but not Windows 8.1).

People in the know said that the take-up of Windows 10 was going to be huge, particularly since it was easy to upgrade and free.

However, September's growth appears to have stalled. Interest in Windows 10 appears to have actually waned considerably. While Windows 10 still grew its share, it only managed a gain of 1.42 percentage points which puts it on 6.63 percent.

Windows 8 actually rallied fractionally in September, going from 2.56 percent to 2.60 percent, a minor increase of 0.04 percentage points. Windows 8.1 fell 0.67 percentage points, going from 11.39 percent to 10.72 percent. Combined, Windows 8.x currently has 13.32 percent of the market.

It looks like it will take until January for Windows 10 overtake Windows 8.x by January now.  Windows 7's share is declining, but slowly, turning it into the next Windows XP. In August Windows 7 had a 57.67 percent share. In September it was on 56.53 percent. A drop of 1.14 percentage points.

Windows XP shows no signs of going away and actually grew share last month, going from 12.14 percent to 12.21 percent.

Last modified on 01 October 2015
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