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Logitech Brings Your Smart Home Together

by on05 September 2015

Logitech Harmony talks to anything with an electronic brain.

The company has reinvented itself and now it joins the effort to reinvent your home. There are now a range of media remotes on steroids, but also a hub to connect your smart home appliances to your smartphone.

The Swiss-American company that's been a household name to every computer user old enough to remember a Pentium is now aiming to be a household name for everyone who has a fridge. Well, ok, a smart fridge.

With its new range of Harmony products, which includes several universal infrared remotes for your entertainment centre, a smart home hub to control everything from lights to door locks to heating and A/C, Logitech is on an offensive. It aims to be the centre of control for your home.

The main device in the family is obviously the Harmony Hub, which talks to your lights and other fixtures with a bit of a brain. There's a companion device to control the Hub. But much more conveniently, there's also an app for your smartphone, so you can control your entire home from the one device that is with you at all times.

This approach provides for great customisation and personalisation. It's like your house recognises you personally and your moods, so it adjusts to suit you at a touch of a finger. Pretty soon, you'll be able to talk to it as well, we're sure. Hello Jarvis, we can't wait to have you jump from the imaginary world of Tony Stark straight to our living rooms.

We're suckers for setting contexts and moods, rather than picking out every detail to complement the various activities we do throughout the day. There's too many, often tiny but significant, things we need to influence one way or another from the moment we open our eyes until we go to bed at night. And since we don't have multicore silicon processors but organic brains, our decision making capacity is naturally limited. That's why we suffer from stress. So it's actually a relief to let some of the decisions be made automatically. 

It would take quite a few pages for us to explain what exactly we mean by that. Instead, here's a few minutes of video that sum it up nicely:

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