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Google Chromecast gets Ethernet adapter

by on09 July 2015

Provides power as well

Google's Chromecast HDMI streaming dongle is quite a popular little gadget and while it already had an integrated WiFi, it now got an optional Ethernet adapter as well.

Priced at US $15 and available at the Google Store, the Chromecast Ethernet adapter provides both data and power via USB port and pretty much looks like a power adapter with Ethernet port. The connectivity is limited to 10/100Mbps so no Gigabit connection there but should be better for those that have a limited or low WiFi signal near their TV.

According to early reports, Google Chromecast Ethernet adapter is already sold out at the US Google Store and should be available in Europe pretty soon so in case you have been struggling with limited WiFi connectivity on your Chromecast, this just might be the best accessory for you.

google chromecastethernet 1

google chromecastethernet 2

Last modified on 09 July 2015
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