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Apple announces Apple Music at WWDC 2015

by on09 June 2015

The "new" music service

Although rumored earlier, Apple has now officially announced its new music streaming service, the Apple Music.

Being a successor to Apple's own iTunes and iTunes Radio, the Apple Music will have plenty of familiar as well as additional features and promises a much better support for artists, even the yet to be famous ones. The Apple Music will launch on June 30th on OS X, iOS and Windows while Android version will come later.

The new Apple Music will include the new Connect service, Beats 1 24/7 radio station and pretty much standard iTunes music catalog. The Apple Music will be available in three versions, or tiers, including a free one, which will allow you to view the Connect service, listen to Bears 1 radio station and listen to the rest of Apple radio stations with limited skipping. The other tiers will be US $9.99 for a single user or US $14.99 priced one for a family of six users. Both of paid tiers will add access to rest of the features.

apple applemusic 2

The Connect feature is quite interesting as it will be the place where artists to interact with their fans, by putting all the artist's social media into a single feed, add unreleased tracks or photos, which will also provide a better connection between artists and their fans.

The Beats 1 will be a 24/7 global radio station broadcast from three cities and run by actual humans and not just an algorithm that picks music randomly or try to guess it from your earlier choices. Of course, it is left to be seen how popular will the Beats 1 actually be but it might be a big thing for Apple.

As noted earlier, the Apple Music will launch in 100 countries on June 30th and be available on OS X, iOS and Windows while Android version is expected later in the fall. You can check out more details over at


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